Challenging The Comfort Zone

In the next few days, Darwin and I will start a new adventure together. We have made plans to bike tour the Blue Ridge Parkway and add-on Skyline Drive to the menu too.

The Prince Veronica (my bicycle) was built specifically for me by the husband (Darwin) and has been recently tuned up by a good friend who worked at a bike shop in Albuquerque. This means that The Prince has been built and maintained with love. I have consulted our dear friend Roub for guidance and he has bestowed upon me a wealth of helpful information in regards to the tour. I am hoping this love and guidance will get me through over four-hundred road miles of climbs, flats, tunnels, and curves.

It’s been a while since I been out of my comfort zone and physically challenged myself (traveling alone for four months was a mental challenge) so to keep myself in check, the bike tour shall commence. I recently heard someone say that you have to try something in order to know if you really like it or not and I totally get it. I love to ride my bicycle and during our two years in Albuquerque, used The Prince as my main form of transport. I also love to backpack and love the Appalachian Mountains, but the question now is do I love bike touring? I am about to find out.

Here’s to a numb butt and lady parts, sore legs, sweaty pits, and beautiful views!

(A repeat of some old pictures of The Prince Veronica; my full set up is yet to be revealed!) 

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