Riding The Climb

I’ve just begun and I’m already tired.

My head acknowledges the climb and accepts its challenge.

My legs anticipate the push, the struggle, the pain.

My lungs fill with air and then release it all, my brows dip, and my eyes squint, narrowing to the road in front of me.

I feel the muscles in my legs strain, working…

I shift. I push. I shift. I push again.

I pedal more and the Prince works harder, doing a majority of the work for me.

I feel the sweat run down from my scalp and want to wipe it away, but my whole body is engaged. I have to focus on getting to the top.

My quads feel like they may explode at any moment, my breath cannot give me enough air, I’m almost there.

Just when I feel I cannot push anymore, I’m there at the top.

I’ve made it.

Only Darwin is there to see what I have achieved but it’s enough.

I have earned the reward of now going down.

I coast freeing my legs from their work.

Following the curvy road down from the climb, the wind cools my heated body and I forget about the pain.

Looking on, I’m cleansed and ready to accept the next challenge.


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7 thoughts on “Riding The Climb

  1. As the infamous Bob Roll once said, you must love suffering to love cycling ;-). Decades of riding in the mountains has shown me how true that is!!! Props to you <3

  2. Don’ know how you two can work both hiking and riding muscles!
    Snuggles, I followed Darwin along the whole PCT, and with his awesome pics and your incredible editing it was fabulous. I was wondering if you might give the PCT a try. I tell lots of folks how excited I am to be doing the Pct in 2020, but so many women feel it would be too dangerous for a solo woman to do, especially after they see Wild). I thought your story could help with that——-thanks for the adventures!

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