Between Two Worlds

My knees ache.

I’m cold but we have only gone a few miles, I’m still warming up.

The road is wet and slick, glittering reflections back to me as I pass.

I glance over to see an Autumn Scene. Trees rich with hues of Orange mix with hints of Red, mix with Green. Clouds like smoke, hover and intertwine within the colors.

The view is gone now, long behind me but still in my mind.

I focus on what’s ahead of me, back to the gray sky and black glittering asphalt.

I hit a puddle and the cold water flies from my front wheel into my face.

My back wheel hits the puddle and the cold water sprays out soaking my legs and back.

I am dripping with secondhand rain, splattered with mud, and grit from the road.

I feel otherworldly, not solely immersed in the wilderness I ride past, but also not apart of the people who drive past me.


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