The Season of Reflection and Gratitude

I miss a few people and a few places.

Darwin and I were talking about this before he left to film the other morning. I seem to be listing out people and things I miss daily; Bowie, Mom, the Blue Ridge, etc.  Darwin fed up with this, looked at me with his blue eyes and without hesitating told me he was happy with where he was, who he was with and didn’t miss one thing at that moment, “I’m happy right now, here, doing what we are doing,” he said.

The comment stuck with me.

After he left, I started out down a dirt road I have walked, many times before. It was about this exact time last year me, Darwin and Bowie were in the same place, Flagstaff, AZ. I stopped at one of our old camp spots and thought of Bowie being tormented by squirrels, getting our little box camper stuck between two trees, the fawn leg we found and how we wondered what happened to the rest of the fawn. The pictures Darwin took of me eating breakfast and the picture I took of Bowie by the trees. I thought of who I was then and who I was now. The experiences I have had since this time last year.

I walked further to yet another spot we had camped at. I thought of the time alone with Bowie while Darwin was hiking a section of the AZT. The time I woke up to find a flat tire on the Stallion and only Bowie was there to help or rather, not help. I remembered how cold the dishes were to hold, how they froze when I washed them, and the fire pit I dismantled, twice.

Places seem never to change much and upon revisiting them I seem to always feel overwhelmingly nostalgic, longing for a time long past. Like Darwin had suggested to me in our morning conversation, I tend to really miss places and people after leaving them but I came to the conclusion then, that maybe this is important. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy.

I began to feel an immense surge of gratitude as I continued to walk.  Warmed by my thoughts despite the chilly air. 

I was thankful to have so many experiences to reflect on; it’s a wonderful feeling to have so many friends and family TO miss.

I have the ability to revisit places I love, which in turn gives me a special opportunity to reflect on my life, to recognize that although I am not with certain family or friends all the time, the time I do share with them is even more special and never taken for granted. I don’t have to see these special people every day to know they love me.

By the time I reached the Arizona Trail I had turned my list of “missings” into a list of people and things I was thankful for. I thought back to the times I had spent with them and looked forward to our future times together.

I was comforted then, by the feeling of love I knew I had from my family and friends, those very same people I missed. 

Thank YOU for reading and following along with the Snuggle Diaries.


(Another Place To Miss, The View From The Clydesdale) 

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8 thoughts on “The Season of Reflection and Gratitude

  1. Thanks to you guys. You’ve made our year so much more enjoyable. Traveling along with both…make that all three…of you has helped to remind us that there is life outside a cubical.

    Keep the adventures coming. We all need the fresh air.

  2. I enjoyed reading this. Reflections of life are tricky sometimes. Your writings flow very nicely. It’s a good balance to your shyness on camera 😉 I’m more of a behind the scenes guy myself as well. Lol!

  3. I think it’s a wonderful thing to have people and places to miss…it means you’re truly “living” in this wonderful playground! I’m so thankful that my path crossed with yours. -Tang

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