Mini Misadventures

Ever since Louisa May Alcott introduced me to Jo March in Little Women as a little girl, I knew I wanted to someday write something. I wanted to be like Jo. As I got to know Helen Hoover as an adult and she took me within her Years In The Forest, I again felt that inspiration to write something, someday. I wanted to be like Helen.

And so here I am, that someday is today, that something is Mini Misadventures. I finally did it. The little book I have worked so hard to do all myself is done and as soon as I hit “publish” I immediately changed my mind, second guessing myself in every way. Then I remembered the three women fictional and real mentioned above. Those original inspirations; strong and adventurous.

Now my little book has been available to the world for an hour (at the time of this writing) and I still feel nauseous. It somehow feels different from just posting on the Snuggle Diaries. The book isn’t much, it’s not a novel, and it’s also not exactly what I had in mind when I first thought about it, but it’s mine and I did it.

Mini Misadventures is currently available as an e-book, on Amazon for your reading pleasure. Simply click HERE to find it. Paperback copies may be a possibility in the future, stay tuned…



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6 thoughts on “Mini Misadventures

  1. Congratulations for conquering your fear. I am going right over and purchase one. I know it will be a wonderful read. Can’t wait.

  2. Congratulations, Snuggles, on Doing the Thing! As soon as I finish what I’m reading right now, I will be purchasing the ebook and giving it a read. Completing a creative venture – and publishing! – is a huge task on so many levels, the greatest of which is probably the emotional and mental sort. And you did that. So, you have my envy and admiration.

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