Holiday Hike

Every person in Cane Beds liked Christmas a lot, and while they all celebrated Darwin and Snuggles began to plot.

“Today is Christmas, what we will do?” they said as they stared and the wind blew.

It might rain! It might snow! Perfect weather for a hike!

So they left with a clatter towards a trail they knew well, to hike and to hike, hike, hike.

They hiked up and up, to the top of a Mesa and gazed around, before they came down.

They looked for the Grinch so high above the town but were let down, as he could not be found.

It was time to come down.

They sang a few jingles as they skidded and slide, down the trail made of sand, and they laughed like kids!

They glanced up from their feet for a minute or two and we’re sure they saw Santa’s deer and the Bumble too!

They returned to find all quiet and calm, except for their bellies that growled, really loud.

It was then Darwin decided it was time for a feast! So he whipped up some pancakes and put peanut butter on top, Snuggles ate them fast without spilling a drop.

As they settled in for the evening it started to rain, and they snuggled in close with some hot cocoa.

Before they dozed off their day at an end, they shouted “Merry Adventures To All and Happy 20-19!”


(Almost To The Top, No Grinch Was Around, Only Snow and Frozen Puddles Could Be Found!)

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