Sharing The Perfect Experience…

What will I write about? What pictures will I show? I find inspiration in nature…I needed to be outside…

As Darwin and I walked along the frozen trail which opened up into a winter wonderland of natural ice sculptures, I found myself trying to take pictures of the things I saw. I tried to memorize the feel of the ripples of the ice-encrusted canyon wall, the sound of the water flowing underneath the frosted ground, the rhythm of the drops from the slowly melting icicles that hung above us, the numbness of my face, watching my breath form and dissipate in front of me, the stillness of the canyon, the crunch of ice giving way under my shoe, all these things that create an experience, a moment in time that I wanted to share.

As I leaned into the frigid canyon wall trying to capture what my eyes were taking in, trying to breathe in the moment and memorize every detail, thoughts began to arise within me…

Maybe when venturing out into the wilds either for minutes, hours, days, or longer, you can’t exactly share the experience. Mother Nature allows you and only you to be apart of the experience. No matter how great my picture is, how well I pair words to describe it, or how well Darwin films it, no one will perfectly have the same experience we did, I did, he did.

Once we felt the need to start our hike back out of the canyon, I still couldn’t shake the disappointment that I hadn’t exactly got the picture I really wanted or the words in my head that I wanted to write. I realized then that maybe I wasn’t meant too. That may be my personal experience would be enough. Although I could share a part of my adventure however great or small, part of it would always stay a secret, a piece that would always be mine and no one else’s.

The point of all these pictures, these words, these videos, is to leave YOU wanting more. The inspiration or desire to experience something for YOURSELF. An appetizer to a meal or the trailer to the movie… There is so much more out there then I can ever tell you or show you and I hope in this New Year, YOU find out for yourself, just what I mean.


(Water Canyon Frozen) 

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  1. I’m a new fan. I enjoy hearing from both of you. Hope your new year is wonderful and I look forward to new adventures! Onward Darwin and Snuggles!
    Sincerely, Ootek

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