Van Life & Writer’s Block

I have had a bout of writer’s block this week so I started digging through some old notes and blurbs that I had written for some inspiration. In doing so, I came across a few little things which I will fondly call “Van Life Quotes”.  These were just randomly written here and there amongst notes and doodles, apparently while Darwin was hiking the PCT. I had forgotten about them and some I don’t even remember writing. I have compiled them for your reading and giggling pleasure. Read On and Enjoy!

There are two pee bottles outside where I parked; they are not mine…Van Life

Doing laundry at a gas station…Van Life

Baby Wipe Bathin…Van Life

Creepin at McDonald’s, Burger King, or a library for WiFi…Van Life

Washing your hair in a public park sink…Van Life

Noticing that people do weird stuff when they don’t realize there is someone in the van parked next to them; lots of nose and butt picking. Observing people in their natural habitat…Van Life

Drinking coffee for WiFi…Van Life

Fantasizing about finding the perfect parking place…Van Life

Hanging out in a park all day just to enjoy a bathroom with a flushing toilet…Van Life


(No Van Is Featured In This Photo, I Just Liked it. Taken At Snow Canyon State Park.)

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6 thoughts on “Van Life & Writer’s Block

  1. Snuggles, what great little quotes, and so true. I myself have been living in Baja Mexico for almost 6 year now. No T.V. no wiFi, and I wash my clothes by hand with a washboard. I love my life, and in just under two years I’m retiring, and too will fully embrace the life on road. Doesn’t that coffee taste great with free wiFi? Lol thanks for sharing your quotes and experiences.


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