A List Of Recent Happenings and Future Plans…

Darwin and I have been on the move this past week so I thought I catch you all up on some recent happenings and some of my future plans…

• Darwin and I left Cane Beds, AZ.

• We stopped to finally admire the Foo Dogs close by Amboy, CA (pictures on Instagram).

• Returned to Joshua Tree, CA (Darwin feels a strong connection to the area).

• Currently making the final push for Outdoor Evolution to launch.

• Reserved an overwhelming amount of audio books from the library.

• Darwin and I are in the process of planning a small hike out on the CDT to visit a friend.

• Pre-Ordered Heather “Anish” Anderson’s book “Thirst” (there will most defiantly be a book review about this posted).

• Joined a Hiking Club “Girls Who Hike” and have plans to try and attend a few hikes while Darwin is out in Arizona on the AZT.

• Got a fresh pair of trail runners! So clean! So grippy!

• Realized I will be just a few hours away from Damascus, VA during Trail Days after Chica (from Chica and Sunsets) brought this to my attention; this, of course, means I have no excuse but to go.

• I’m planning on hitting the AT for a small section with tramily in the Spring.

• I got my first payout out from Mini Misadventures! Yaya!

• I’m also planning a trip to Leadville, CO to visit a few friends in February and hoping to try out skiing (previous experiences were traumatic) and to explore the area!


(An Awesome Picture I Took Out On A Hike In Colorado City, AZ) 

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