Trail Expectations

Sometimes, I set expectations for stuff to high. For instance, Darwin and I went for a hike on a trail I have really enjoyed in the past. This was my first visit back to Joshua Tree National Park for 2019 and I was ready to have an “experience”.

At the trailhead to the Forty-Nine Palms Oasis Trail, I strapped on my daypack and was ready to go. My heart and mind were open and ready to receive whatever the universe and nature had to offer. Things were hushed as I started out but as I started to climb up a few rock steps, my peaceful clear mind was attacked, by pizza. It was suddenly all I could think about.

Thick Crust.

Melty, delicious, Mozzarella.


Chunks of Feta.


I swear I could even smell pizza. I shook my foodie thoughts out of my head and looked down at my new grippy trail runners. I pretended I was a Desert Bighorn Sheep gracefully moving across the desert terrain. I listened to the wind and felt it push me further up the trail but then it returned…


I was back to thinking about the pizza I knew was in the freezer. There, it was waiting to be removed from its cardboard tomb. I would come to its rescue and help it achieve its full potential as a delicious Italian Pie. Even with all the beauty around me, I couldn’t shake the thought of that mouth-watering PIZZA.

I tried to focus on my present self, closed my eyes, breathed in the fresh air, but the only thing that seemed to get my mind off pizza was a stupid song that was annoyingly on repeat in my head. It wasn’t even a song I liked but a kid’s song I picked up from somewhere. I didn’t even realize I picked it up until it emerged from my sub-consciousness and made its evil presence known.


Annoying Song.


Annoying Song.

I tried to be one with the moment but I just couldn’t get my head into the hike. My mind was loud with irritating music against the quiet serene landscape around me. My hike had become a chore, something I felt I had to do to reach my pre-cooked reward. I came to terms with the fact that I would not be having an “experience”. I would not feel connected to the Earth or anything for that matter. I couldn’t shut out the stupid thoughts that raced around in my head, they were there and I was going to have to think them until they disappeared.

My expectations for this hike were too high and to romanticized. I finally gave in and hiked on autopilot while tiny pizzas danced above the musical notes of the stupid kid song like one of those old sing-a-long videos.

I hate to admit it but after all of this, the pizza was simply delicious.


(A Picture Taken At the Oasis) 

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6 thoughts on “Trail Expectations

  1. Snuggles,

    Yet again, you’ve brought a smile to my face and a rustling of a nearly forgotten memory. Over a dozen years have passed since FUBAR and I spent a restless night in a tent on Isle Royale’s Lane Cove in 50+ mph winds talking about food. It was impossible to sleep under those conditions and the listing and ranking of favorites eased the tension and passed the time. The following week, back in Copper Harbor, we spent nearly four hours seemingly eating everything on our “wish list” at The Pines Resort.

    As always, enjoyed your article!


  2. Snuggles! You had me at pizza! I literally laughed out loud throughout the entire article. Good stuff! Idky, but the song that popped in my head when you said “annoying song” was Baby Shark lol. Anyway, I appreciate the realism and look forward to more. 🙂

  3. Haha awesome! It was not Baby Shark but that one can get stuck on repeat pretty easy too! Glad it gave ya a laugh! – Snuggles

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