I Am A Leaf

I am a leaf.

I was born in the spring, unfolding slowly from my mother’s arms. Her name is Tree.

I was greeted by Sun warm and bright; my first friend.

I would dance when Wind tickled me.

My brothers and sisters grew up close to me and we would spend many days laughing together as we watched beings called humans below us. They would often call our laughter “rustling.”

My friend Sun would leave sometimes and another would take his place. His name was Moon.

With Moon came the opposite of light, dark. My family and I would become sleepy as Moon watched over us. Sometimes Wind would try to tickle us in our sleep, but everything was quiet then.

When Sun was out my family and I would see lots of things. Furry creatures would move around on the ground below us. Some other creatures with feathers would come from the sky and walk on my mother’s many arms. They had sharp feet and mouths and would peck at my mother’s skin. Some of those furry things from below would climb on her too.

I was scared of the furry and feathered creatures but the worst we called nibblers; they had lots of legs. They would crawl on us and try to nibble on my siblings and me. Sometimes Wind would try and save us by tickling us and the nibblers would fall to the ground when we moved. I heard they were called Caterpillars.

Sometimes Sun would hide and big wet things would fall from the sky. I wondered if this was Sun crying. I tried to ask him once but he could never hear me.

When I first was born, I was Green and strong. After many visits from Sun and Moon, I started to change my color to Yellow. I’m not sure how I did this.

My color changes more and I feel colder. Sun doesn’t visit as much and Moon watches us more. I don’t feel so strong anymore.

My Mother’s hold on me feels softer. Sometimes when Wind blows my Mother lets some of my siblings go and they fall to the ground below.

I’m all Yellow now.

Wind tickles me again and Mother lets me go. I smile as Wind carries me to the ground.

I can see my Mother, so tall and beautiful, looking down upon me. My brothers and sisters are all snuggled with me, here on the ground.

My Mother tells us we look like a pretty quilt covering the ground.

 I am a leaf.



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