Updates From The Mid-West

  • I’ve been back in Indiana for a little over a week now and I’m still trying to adjust to the Mid-West’s cold weather. Somehow it feels colder here then when I was in Leadville, CO snowshoeing in -9 degrees.


  • Static Electricity is a real issue that is easily forgotten about when out West but you’ll be shockingly aware of it in the Mid-West.


  • There is such a thing as “wet snow” and “dry snow”.


  • Currently catching up on snuggles with my best companion Bowie. For those of you who are wondering, she is doing great!


  • Currently rekindling my love for Ginger Turmeric Tea and my good old friend Chai. The weather here is a good tea drinking motivator.


  • Influenced by my husband’s current venture of filming a documentary along with his interest in photography, I am currently reading a book about Dorothea Lange. A book review will no doubt be posted in the near future.


  • Speaking of a book review, I FINALLY got a copy of Thirst by Heather “Anish” Anderson and will be starting it directly after I finish my current read. A book review on this will also be happening.


(Yep you guessed it, this picture was NOT taken in Indiana.)

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