A Sunshine-y Ditty…

The Sun came out today slowly but surely.

It peered out from behind the greyness that so often fills the empty spaces.

As it rose higher parting the dwindling clouds, my small world grew warmer.

I watched from inside as it drew out creatures from their hiding places, enveloping them in its warmth.

Rays of light fell down from the Sun on people and things and anything in its view. I watched as my world and the beings that were called out, danced in the beams. I watched as later, these same dancers so full of energy and life quieted and were lulled to sleep by the same warmth and light the Sun beamed down to them.

And here I sit an observer to this, as the world turns and the sun begins its slow descent. I finally emerge then, feeling the only the last remaining tickles of light and heat on my skin.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sure not to miss it again.


(Spring Buds) 


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