Earth Day Ride

I was invited by my good friend Caron to go for a bicycle ride (which typically I’m always game for) in and around Blue Grass Fish and Wildlife Area. The day had been warm but a small wind had picked up promising some relief and good resistance for our ride.

We chatted along riding smooth and consistent passing open fields and farmhouses. Pulling away from a more trafficked area we entered into the Wildlife Area noticing subtle changes in the area around us. The sounds of traffic and the city now non-existent replaced by the soft wind and conversing birds.

As we rode I felt little bugs graze across my face unable to avoid them as I rode occasionally catching one in my mouth (delicious). The area again started to change providing views of stripper pits, fisherman, and families enjoying this reclaimed area. I felt grateful that the land was given the opportunity to heal after being dug up when used by a coal company. It was now hard to imagine it any other way but its current natural state as we rode.

The sun began to fall slowly in the horizon casting rich hues of gold into the sky and onto the land. Frogs began their dusk choruses adding a hint of enchantment into the air. The wildlife area began to fade and more fields and farmhouses emerged as we made our way back to our stopping point.

Feeling tired when we first headed out, I was revived by the easy conversation with my friend and the freshness of the wildlife area. It is easy to forget how close to the city Blue Grass is, a great escape for those needing solace from city life.

Moral Of The Story: Nothing beats spending time with Mother Nature and a friend on Earth Day or any day for that matter!


(I enjoyed the ride on Earth Day instead of taking any pictures so the above is a throwback picture taken during my time at Lake Isabella in California. Absolutely nothing to do with riding a bicycle but “earthy” none the less.)


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6 thoughts on “Earth Day Ride

  1. It was the BEST way to celebrate Earth Day! Really loved riding with you FINALLY and feel very grateful to have the opportunity to spend some time with you as we peddled our way around Bluegrass. Happy Earth Day! Love you, Friend.

  2. Hey, Snuggles…..I enjoyed this email immensely as I was raised not far from the Blue Grass area where you rode…..Newburgh, Indiana just a few miles east of Evansville is my home town…..Mary and I are both retired and are currently living in the country northwest of Blairsville, Georgia……We love it here but there is little opportunity to ride bicycles so we ride our motorcycles and hike….Twenty mile long TVA Lake Nottely is about a mile east of our home…..

  3. That’s awesome Rick! Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Snuggle Diaries! Say hey to Mary! – Snuggles

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