While Darwin’s Away…

I took Darwin to the airport yesterday, the first part of his journey to Scotland. We said our goodbyes and as he entered the line to go through TSA I lingered. We watched and chatted about the awkwardness of partially undressing and being “inspected” in public.

As he started loading his belongings into a bin, we waved to each other and that was that. I drove off from the airport in the Clydesdale, finally taking my place once again behind the wheel.

Sometimes it’s hard to leave a loved one but it honestly didn’t bug me this time. Perhaps I have left Darwin behind at trailheads so much I know what to expect now or the knowledge that he’s taking advantage of an opportunity to travel abroad (something neither of us of done before) made me happy for him.

As I drove, I thought of the trips I have planned this month…

The maps I had sitting on a table waiting to be reviewed and discussed with a friend…

The empty pack waiting to be loaded with gear and taken on its first big backpacking trip…

The new tent that should be arriving the next day…

I have my own plans and itinerary for May and although they are not as extravagant as hiking in another country, they are my plans and I’m pretty damn excited.

If you are someone who has a loved one hiking, traveling, etc. for an extended period of time and you’re staying behind, you may find this article I wrote for Outdoor Evolution helpful.

How to Show Support for a Thru-Hiker 


(Darwin Outside Of The Airport)

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2 thoughts on “While Darwin’s Away…

  1. Snuggles – I received these posts via emails. I just wanted to take the to time to THANK YOU for opening up with your Thoughts & Emotions and sharing them – they are interesting. I appreciate the conciseness of your posts…they contain depth but with minimal words. Good luck on YOUR adventures during the Month of May – looking forward to reading about them. Scott/Pinball (AT Section Hiker).


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