The Seasons Change

The seasons are changing for me and just like one would prepare for the winter with wood, food, etc. I feel like I’m stocking up on things too.

Darwin and I are returning to the wilds of the west after I have been hovering around my home town for almost four months. It seems like for me no matter when I’m leaving a place and where I’m going next, I always have a hard time with the first part, the leaving.

Since I’ve been back at home, I have been working, learning, and growing. Preparing for the changing seasons as best as I could, not knowing what the winds would bring, and now its time. I feel like I’m currently gathering experiences with my friends and family. If I can just listen hard enough, watch long enough, I can memorize every moment and take it with me. Like a piece of wood used for a winter fire, I pull each moment from the pile later and relearn from it, enjoy it again, and become warmed and renewed by it.

This is where I am.

I have enjoyed every minute of my time back home. The work I’ve been doing, the laughs I’ve shared with friends, the food, the travel, even just the sitting, and breathing, but like the seasons each have their time to begin and end. The natural world would not progress, renew, and grow without each season’s offerings.

And so, my time in Indiana is coming to a close, this season of my life is ending. I’m taking what I can with me, and although I’m not sure what the next season holds for me, I will find comfort in reflecting back on this one and the lessons it has taught me; the person I was at first, and the person I am now.

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(Picture Taken From My Campspot At Grayson Highlands 2019) 

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2 thoughts on “The Seasons Change

  1. Know how you feel changes are coming in our life also. That wood is ultralight so enjoy gathering while you can!

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