Just When You Think You Know A Place…

Being in a new place can at times be a little overwhelming however, being back in Flagstaff is more like coming back home. I am familiar with the area; I know where a lot of the essentials area, grocery stores, and thrift stores, gas stations, coffee shops, etc. However, now being more centrally located here, I have time to wander about finding that there is even more exciting stuff to explore, discover and experience.

For instance, earlier this week I went out for a run. Trying to still acclimate to the elevation this was my first real attempt running off a treadmill, a self-propelled run if you will. Instead of heading to my right down a road I was familiar with already, I decided to see what was to my left at the other end. I expected to see housing and apartments however I was surprised to find a dead end. This dead-end, however, was only a dead-end for the road, a trail branched off from the road.

Of course, I had to keep going to see what I could find down the trail and thus I kept running stopping occasionally to take a good look around, having then been transported into fields of high grass and pines. I eventually came up to a trail junction and was shocked to find the Arizona Trail intersecting with yet another trail, one I had not heard of before. I felt the urge to keep going but on which one? For a run, I was expecting to be short and on asphalt, I was now two miles in heading further down a dirt trail. What a lovely surprise!

Later in the day when I returned from my surprise trail run,  I visited a local bookstore and purchased a Flagstaff Trails Map. As I unfolded it, trails of all sorts stretched out in front of me, weaving in and out of the city, spider-webbing out from parks and roads. I immediately felt an exciting urge to ride, hike, or run on each of them. They were all out there waiting for me.

Moral Of The Story: Just when you think you know a place, turn down a road you haven’t traveled before, and look a little closer. You’ll probably find there is more waiting for you to explore.


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  1. All my step-kids live in ‘Flag’ and I’ve always loved it there. You just reminded me of another reason to go visit 🙂

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