Taking A Walk Instead

I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately. I’ve walked to the post office, downtown, to the grocery, to the office where I now work, and other places. Where is the Clydesdale (our van) you may ask? Hanging out, I’m choosing to walk out of the pure desire to do so.

Let’s get this straight, I consider walking and hiking two totally different things. With walking there is less gear to carry, the distance is typically shorter, wearing “wicking” material is not always needed because cotton is okay, I don’t worry about how much food to carry, walking typically is on asphalt or concrete (not always, but mostly) were as…

Hiking takes place most usually on a dirt trail, your located a majority of the time in a forest, wood, park, or what have you. A hike is usually several miles in length, lunches and snacks are included, water is a must, sweat will likely happen, gear is needed and plans are made.

The “walking” I’ve been doing can easily be handled by a quick drive or ride, but the keyword there is “quick”. I’ve found the need to take things slow and easy. When driving you miss a lot. The fresh air, the smell of the Jeffery Pines, the coolness of the morning, mule deer grazing in a wooded yard… I do love to ride The Prince Veronica (my bicycle) but I have to admit even when riding there are things that I find I’m missing out on; I crave the small details.

When I’m walking I notice the cracks in the asphalt and concrete and wonder how they were made, I admire the ants busy at work, running across from here to there, I take in the silence around the neighborhoods and wonder about the people who live there, I take in the beauty of the weeds growing in the cracks on the sidewalk; I can’t help but think they are pretty. I let my mind clear and let it think all the thoughts it needs to think and challenge it to strategize when I need to play Frogger to cross the street. Sometimes I just tune out and listen to an audiobook; multitasking by exercising, reading, exploring and errand running all in one.

When I arrive at my desired location I’m refreshed and awake. I feel ready to tackle any task and I feel grounded or centered if you will. Best of all I feel good for not just falling into the habit of driving; I know the areas that surround me more intimately than those who just drive past them.

I just can’t help but express my fondness for walking lately. I greatly enjoy my little walks (not to be confused with my hikes) and I encourage you to walk a little too. Next time you need to go somewhere try going by foot. Find all the beautiful little things you are missing when you ride or drive. There’s a whole world out there that we all miss because we are moving to fast.


(One Girl’s Weeds Are Another Girl’s Flowers)

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8 thoughts on “Taking A Walk Instead

  1. I love Hiking! But I agree, there is a difference on walking and hiking. I’m just like you when I’m walking or hiking. Thinking so so much and looking around in the nature and just think all kind of thoughts just like you. It’s the best.

  2. Yes indeed, walking, simply walking, a delight. As much as I have always loved riding my bike, it has been collecting some dust recently. Slower pace reveals all that is there, missed when I am moving to quickly and needing attention for safety. Loved your mention of the ants. I’ve stopped and watched bees, wondering how they are deciding which flower to skip, and which to enter. Feeling privileged to observe their skillful work.

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  4. To Jan Sunbury, For some reason, I can’t respond to your comment, and your comment will not show on this post…In regards to your bike question…I actually did a full Gear List for the Blueridge Parkway Tour that Darwin and I did in 2018. Maybe this will help ya??

    Please feel free to shoot me an email too! I would love to try and help in any way I can!

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