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Last week Darwin and I attended a small Film Fest put on by the Arizona Trail Association for Latino Conservation Week. We watched three short films and had a brief discussion after each. I was greatly impacted by a short film on the Colorado River (Colorado River – I Am Red). Thanks to this film, I plan on researching and learning more about water conservation via Although it was a small turn out, I was excited to meet a few new people and start building a connection to my community and the organizations that help support it.

Taking a lot away from the film fest and the people I met there, I have been slowly trying to make the first steps to get involved. I renewed my membership to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) a community of my past and always my first love and started a new membership with the Arizona Trail Association (ATA) the community of my present. I find myself utilizing the Arizona Trail daily and felt it only appropriate to start shedding some drops of sweat from trail work instead of recreation, thus I have signed up to start volunteering too.

As I write this however there is a forest fire currently burning over 1,000 acres of Coconino National Forest. Just outside the window, I can see plumes of smoke. If I sit outside flakes of ash can be seen dancing on the wind and the smell of smoke is present. The forest neighborhood where Darwin and I would park the Clydesdale over last few years is burning and those that currently live in the area are being evacuated.

My community requires water to contain and suffocate a fire and the water source that helps provide water to many, many, communities in my state The Colorado River, has been used beyond its means and is also in need of help. The trail I’ve been using almost every day and those that connect to it, are most likely going to suffer from the fire too.

Everything is connected in some way or another. The action of one individual or actions of numerous individuals will cause a ripple of effect whether good or bad. Those “ripples” may be noticeable now or years from now.

Every one action and reaction touch someone, something, or someplace and this week I’ve been reminded of that in numerous ways. I am such an insignificant creature when it comes down to it, but my actions can leave such a lasting impact on others and Mother Nature.

You can get more updates on the Museum Fire here.

How do you connect to your community?? To Mother Nature??


(Top Left: Taken just a few weeks ago on a run; Bottom Left: Photo taken on Monday around the same area; Largest Image: Closer photo of fire) 

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  1. Thank you for your blogs Snuggles I cannot express how much you and Darwin have influenced hiking as my main hobby. Your detailed messages bring me great strength now and always. Love you guys take care!

  2. Thanks so much Mason! I’m so glad to be part of your adventures in some way! – Snuggles

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