To Lose A Day In The Forest…

It’s really a wonderful thing to lose a day in the forest.

To not pay attention to the time and just start hiking down a trail.

To hike until your satisfied; only turning back for civilization when you are full of fresh smells, cleansed by sweat and dirt, and your mind has worked out whatever thoughts and problems that were lingering when you pulled up to the trailhead.

Stopping mid-hike for a rest; cuddled by the sun and tickled by little ants and flying bugs that traverse the length of your arm or leg as you doze off to another world.

Taking a picture of beautiful scenery all the while knowing that anyone who looks at the picture will never fully be able to appreciate it and understand it, but you’ll be immediately taken back to that moment, those sounds and smells; that experience.

It’s really a wonderful thing to lose a day in the forest because even when you return to your other life, part of you still stays behind among the trees and wildflowers.

Part of you never really leaves but is always waiting for your return; when you’ll be whole again.


(Aspens, Trail, and Wildflowers)

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7 thoughts on “To Lose A Day In The Forest…

  1. Hey Snuggles,

    I experienced this on my short AT hike. It was on top of Unaka Mountain. Simply so gorgeous and quiet.

    Best to Darwin.

    Take care,


  2. Hey Snuggles, leaving for a 500 mile SOBO section of the AT in the morning. Thanks to you and Darwin for all of the advice and inspiration during my planning effort…YouTube and blogging are wonderful ways to share info & help others, and I’ve really learned a lot from you both. Am sure that I’ll sense your spirits out there in the 100 mile wilderness…!

  3. I’m so glad you found us! Enjoy your hike, I would love to explore Maine again…it’s magical. – Snuggles

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