That Tingly Feeling Before A Trip…

It’s that’s wonderful tingly feeling time before a trip…

I have a list of todos involving gear, food, and packing…

The smell of old sweat and dirt fills my nostrils as I grab gear from drawers and closets; each piece holding memories of previous trips.

The road is calling, the trail is pulling, adventure awaits and so do friends.


Darwin and I will be heading out to Oregon soon. We’ll be hovering in Bend visiting some friends then skirting off to take in the beauty of the Timberline Trail. We haven’t hiked a trail from start to finish since the Appalachian Trail and I’m feeling both a little nervous and very excited. From there we will be heading to PCT Days immersing ourselves in trail talk, hiker trash, and beer.

Due to our upcoming agenda, I will not be posting a Snuggles Diary next week, but I plan on journaling during our trip and of course, taking pictures so stay tuned here and on Instagram.

Enjoy the upcoming week and maybe I’ll see ya if the trail leads you to PCT Days!

IMG_5200 copy

(A Lonely Little Flower)


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  1. The feeling before a grand adventure is better than that Christmas morning as as child feeling. I just arrive at government camp in Oregon for some new adventures…..if you are near a drink is on me 🙂 I’m here all weekend. Enjoy all that oregon has to offer. Safe travels!

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