A Playground Full Of Trees And Meadows

Hiking Trail

I have breathed in thin air or a lack of air really, hiking up to over 12,000 feet.


I felt the burn in my calves as I followed behind a friend, navigating a steep trail of lava rock above the tree line.


My throat turned to sandpaper as I attempted to take in air while talking and laughing high above the trees.


A buzz of oxygen-filled my body as I descended back down from Mount Humphreys and a rush of energy returned to my limbs.


Upon returning from this steep hike, I succumbed to a nap. My body challenged and energy used up by the end.

Riding Trail

The next day I attempted to recover from my hike with a ride on forest service roads and trail. My calves were still tender but willing to pedal.


My arms openly accepted the continuous impact and jolts of riding over rock and root; traveling from the wheel, to the handlebar, to arms.


I felt the slap of mud hit my skin shooting up from the wheels of my bike and was chilled by the rain shower that fell from a darkening sky. The cool wind reaching down into my bones.

Running Trail

Still seeking more from the outdoors, the following day I yet again ventured out. This time on foot. I urged my body to follow a trail under pines and high grasses; the rustling of the grass in the wind my music.


I felt the dirt and rock adjust to my weight as my trail runners hit each patch.


When I was finished, my legs were tinted with dust, streaked with routes of sweat. I carried the dust with me most of the day.


From both of these adventures, I was left changed. I felt I had experienced a cleansing of mental and physical states and yet after my body felt sore, used. I’m so grateful to have a body that is willing and usable; to be able to venture about in a playground full of trees and meadows. I’m so glad I can still find the joy in a rain shower and mud splatter, dirt and sweat. A childlike urning to play outside and not caring how unkempt this leaves me, keeps me wanting more even though my body doesn’t recover as easily.



(The Prince Veronica Looking Pretty By A Tree)

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