AZT Weekend

This past weekend was centered around the Arizona Trail (AZT). On Saturday I walked on the trail following it into Buffalo Park. Once there, I spent a good chunk of time helping out at Arizona Trail Day. I was assigned to help work at the merchandise booth selling hats, bandanas, socks, mugs, guides, etc. etc. etc.

I chatted it up with hikers, cyclists, volunteers, and those who just happened upon the event, all sharing in the love and excitement surrounding this one trail (and of course buying a few things to help support it)!

Sunday, I woke early and headed out to a section of the AZT where I met several other people. There under the arms of Aspens, we gathered to learn about trail assessment and management. With a very knowledgeable trail steward as our instructor, we then put our teachings into practice and worked on an area of the AZT needing water runoffs, to insure the trail was not flooded out during monsoons.

At the end of the day already feeling sore, I reviewed my weekend and was left feeling not a loss of time or energy spent, but a feeling of contentment and satisfaction. I had spent my weekend around incredible people, learning a small part of what it takes to make and sustain a trail. There are so many pieces of the long-distance trail puzzle that have to come together to make it complete. I was and am, in awe.


(The Run-Off I Helped Dig…It Was Super Hard Work For Such A Small Thing!)

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