Hiking with Friends

Hiking has a funny way of bringing people together; strangers become friends and friends become closer, families make memories to share years later, and lovers draw nearer to each other.

I think nature is indeed to blame for this having nothing to distract us from each other on a hike besides those of natural occurrence. On a hike of any length, the scenery demands nothing from us. We can relax and let our five senses do what they will.

I believe this is why it’s easy to get to know someone while hiking. What else is there to do but talk to each other as we travel along? Taking a long hike with someone can tell you a lot about them and I highly recommend hiking a few times with anyone you consider having a close relationship with.

I had the honor of hiking with two good friends to a magical place called Lockett Meadow and experienced first hand two strangers become friends. These two wonderful women in my life had only met the day before we arrived at the trailhead (me being the connector friend if you will). They each represented two different parts of me; one represented my life and experiences in Albuquerque, NM and the other my traveling adventures and life in Flagstaff, AZ. I was incredibly excited for them to meet feeling deep down they would be fast friends and I was right. Joined by the love of nature, fall, and a good hike, we headed out together down a trail leading us through a grove of molting yellow Aspens.

The hike was maybe about six miles and I savored every minute. I was able to share a hobby I loved with two of my friends, watching and listening as they chatted and became friends with each other; my cup was overflowing. By the time our hike came to an end, they had shared contact information and we extended our time together with a celebratory coffee back in town.

We all have such limited time in the world, I think it should be shared with people we enjoy being with, in ways that uplift and inspire us as much as possible. For me, friends are special people and the woods, my special place. I’m so grateful to have shared in both.



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