The Things A Camera Can’t Capture…

Sometimes I find it hard to write. I have nothing profound to say. No deeper thoughts or ponderings to share. No topics to discuss. I only have the simplest, softest, and dearest, moments that all build up.

Sometimes a picture will never do a scene justice.

Sometimes words are just not strong enough to take you there.

I often stay behind the camera, taking the moment in for only myself. I’m present at that time and in that space and it’s enough.

Sometimes it’s fleeting these snippets of time and sometimes their view lingers on.

And so I am filled with images and feelings of moments, times I know I could never explain, times I know will stay only mine; no significant words or tellings to share.

Some images and moments are not meant to be shared and that’s what makes them special. I have locked many away that I can come back to and visit forever only in my head. I hope that everyone at times does the same.

Sometimes it’s important to set the camera down and take it all in just for yourself.

IMG_2719 copy

(Me taking a picture of Darwin, taking a picture in Mesa Verde)

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