Ditties From Here To There

The following are a few little ditties I have written on morning and evening walks from here to there. 


Big sky, full moon, time to take a picture.

The setting sun, times begun to get a little shorter.


Dark sky, cold air, see a deer and whisper.

Morning sun the leaves have fun, falling along my way. 


Rays of light part the night along the path I travel. 

A little scurry, but not to worry a bird flies away.


A lunar scene leads me towards my destination.


IMG_2441 copy


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6 thoughts on “Ditties From Here To There

  1. These resonate with me.
    At home I’m analytical, pre- occupied and mostly unobservant.
    On the trail, my head clears, my heart fills and creativity sprouts.
    I really enjoyed these snatches, of your experiences.

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