The Year Coming To A Close

Typically I post on the Snuggle Diaries throughout the holiday season but this year I have decided to take December off. I have family flying in from my home town in December for their first-ever trip out west and I want to be fully immersed and present during their time here. I am also taking the month to focus on other adventures and personal journaling. Have no fear! The Snuggle Diaries will continue in January of the new year! 

Until January, I’ll leave you with some of my favorite blog posts from 2019 along with a link to my book Mini Misadventures that has now been up on Amazon for almost a year! 

I hope that you spend this holiday season surrounded by the people you love most or the places you love most and doing the things you enjoy best.

                                                                                                                         – Snuggles 


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Some Of My Favorite Blog Picks From 2019: 

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your December with your family! Thanks for your wonderful posts and adventures!

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