Frozen Time

Snow captures a moment and freezes it, often showing a map of activity you never knew occurred.

I can still see my sister’s footprints in the snow from Saturday when she and my mother left. Every day her footprints become less defined but they still linger on the ground. The snow still holds on to her print as I hold on to the memories of the time we shared. Moments we shared in December swirl in my head like snowflakes in the wind, and then the wind sends my thoughts across the year of 2019.

Eventually, my sister’s footprints are melted and gone. They become water for the earth and help ready new life for the spring. As 2019 fades it also nourishes 2020, helping ready me for a new year just like the melted snow to the earth.  I recognize the impermanence of my existence then and lift my head to greet the sun of a new year, new ideas, new trials and errors and of course new adventures.

Welcome to the new year,

– Snuggles


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