Same Trail, Different View

I went hiking this weekend down the same section of trail that I have hiked before. If I’m being honest, it’s the same section of trail I have run before too, but it was different. 

The snow was still completely covering the trail and surrounding landscape so I traveled along with spikes on my shoes. I paid special attention to avoid sections of ice and was very aware of the world around me; very “present” as it were. 

The trees and ground seemed to twinkle and wink at me as the sun hit ice crystals.  I listened as glumps of melting snow lost their grip on tree branches, rustling branches and needles as they fell. Somewhere between the branch and ground, the clumps would separate and became individual flakes again which in turn, became glitter in the sun for just a few, brief, seconds.

The trail seemed hushed and still although I passed others braving wet feet and frozen noses. I could smell wet pine and feel the tingle of ice on my face as the breeze relocated snowflakes. This same trail that I have traversed many times before revealed a different side to me as I traveled in this new season. I tried to imagine a few familiar spots along the way in the summer or fall but I struggled being so immersed in the world around me, so beautifully decorated by Jack Frost.


(Humphreys Peak in the Distance

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