Coconino National Forest: A Love Letter

Digging through some old journals as I do occasionally, I came across a small entry from 2018. I am pretty sure I’ve never posted it on the blog, however, I found it sweet and of course have no recollection of writing it. I still feel the same about the forest surrounding Flagstaff and think it’s one of the reasons why we have been drawn back so many times.

11/20/18: Flagstaff AZ – Coconino National Forest  

There’s a feeling about and within the Coconino National Forest that I don’t exactly feel anywhere else. It’s a tingling feeling of fall and winter; a weird but undeniable truth.

There is a low hum of life that surrounds me in this forest yet it is so still if you move to fast you may miss it. Things are moving and growing but slowly, carefully, never in a hurry but always waking.

A walk on a trail will help you notice, feel eyes on you but yet you cannot hear a thing, leaving you to wonder what exactly is out there with you. This is not at all a scary feeling but somehow magical and comforting.

There are still wild places and wild longings that man has yet to tame.


(A Time In The Forest) 

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  1. I love the Coconino,it’s my favorite place to backpack here in Arizona. The Superstitions have been my playground during the winter, and I can’t wait to get back up in the Ponderosa pines and wander a bit!

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