The 34th Year To Explore


I feel a stirring, a feeling of moving forward.

The itch to be outside, the yearning for something more.

The tingling of excitement when I touch a piece of gear.

I look outside and see mountains I’ve yet to explore.


The last two weeks have been a little wacky with Darwin’s film premiere and now I feel I can finally look forward and start adjusting to life post-film release. I have also turned another year older since my last post which always makes me reflect on my previous year on Earth. What have I done? Where have I been? And most importantly, what have I read?

Thus, I present to you dear reader a loosey-goosey list of doings for my 34th year on Earth….

3-4 day Bikepacking Trip in Arizona

Rim to Rim Hike of the Grand Canyon (yes, most permits are already secured)

7k Trail Race (this will be my first race on trail) 

Half-Marathon (this will be my first trail half)

Summit Mount Elden 

These are only a few things to share with you now, more to come later! What are your upcoming trips or plans for the year? Any good reads to share? Leave me a comment and let me know!


(A Picture Taken Out On A Trail Run) 

Other Stuff I’m Doing, Done, or Did:

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Instagram: The_snuggle_diaries  

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In My Tent

As I settle down in my tent I feel so small and the world outside feels so big. With nothing but thin nylon and mesh between me and the outside, I recognize my human size.

Buildings with their walls give me a false sense of who I am; strong and large, a being at the top of the food chain. Sleeping in a tent changes those thoughts and challenges that sense of being. Outside those walls, there are bigger, stronger, and hungrier beings than myself.

Man-made walls are just that, man-made and so is the image that we as humans have won and conquered the world. The reality is that we are guests here and many things have been here longer. There is something about being in my tent that resets me and takes away my human arrogance.

I am just a guest here, sitting in my tent.


(Feeling Small Even Outside My Tent) 


Other Stuff I’ve Done or Did:

My Book: Mini Misadventures

Instagram: The_snuggle_diaries  

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