9/5/2013: Breathing In

After my ride this morning my senses are awakened. Running is a full-body experience and I feel riding is a smelly one.

The morning air has a sweet coolness that wasn’t there before and as I start my morning ride, I breathe in the coming autumn; the rich smell of wood-burning, the crisp freshly fallen leaves on the street.

Then it rushes over me, that feeling that comes over you once you breathe in the season. The excitement of unknown adventures and the memories that flood back of autumns past; a buzz sends ripples through my body.

Although I’m even lower than a novice when it comes to riding, I enjoy what it allows me to smell (as silly as that is). I have come to really appreciate the small things and the smells that nature provides is one that is missed while in a car.

Later after my ride, I took Bowie (our dog) for a walk and found myself a little emotional. Bowie seems to find enjoyment in every small thing as well. She takes the time to investigate every blade of grass and rock. I let her stop as much as she wants and I enjoy the crickets and the beauty of the dew on the grass as it sparkles in the rising sun.

I breathe in deep the coming season and the approaching day.

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