Formulated On A Day Hike…

The following was formulated while out on a day hike most recently with a friend. Coffee was not involved however it was discussed. Miles were also discussed but more were hiked due to good conversation and amazing surroundings provided by Mother Nature. 


The Problem:

Catching Up With A Friend Over Coffee But Ending That Time Early Due To Discomfort Of The Body (Sitting Too Long)

Situation Break Down:

Some people prefer to have coffee with a friend; to sit and sip and chat it up a few hours. The whole while the body is being cooped up, bent into a seated position; no real physical activity is happening.

After an hour or so, the body starts sending signals that movement is needed and Friend One starts shifting in their seat. Then, when the uncomfortableness reaches max toleration, Friend One starts the process of ending the conversation with Friend Two in order to get moving physically.

Likely, Friend Two is also ready to move literally on, again not necessarily away from Friend One, but too simply activate their stagnate body; their legs are numb.

The Cure:

Hike Or Walk With A Friend And Drink Coffee 

Situation Break Down:

People can enjoy a coffee while on the move, literally. Friend One and Friend Two can plan on meeting up at a local park and while strolling around enjoying the scenery, each can enjoy a nice cup of joe they brewed themselves, brought in a disposable cup from home or picked up along the way.

Said friends could also venture out on a dirt trail with day packs. Friends One and Two hike a few miles up to a scenic overlook while chit-chatting. Friend One sets up the stove and fuel. Friend Two provides instant coffee and water. Each friend provides their own mug. Friends together chat it up while making coffee on the trail and taking in the wonders of nature. After mugs are emptied, items are dismantled and repacked as needed and friends continue their good time down the trail. Each friend is physically moving and mentally stimulated. Thanks to a surge of caffeine from coffee, Friend One and Friend Two are likely to feel energized and continue hiking even longer while enjoying each other’s company and Mother Nature.

(These scenarios can be played out by just an individual or more than two friends…maybe three friends, or more! The choice beverage can also be hot tea or any other desired beverage.)

Special thanks to Sarah for the help in identifying this issue and formulating this cure and to Mother Nature for the rad scenery that inspired us.

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(Provided By: Mother Nature)

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