Since it seems we are all inside looking at the outside world, this journal entry seemed to strike a chord with me when looking over old journals…

Weed, CA   6/28/2018

I haven’t written for a while; not sure why. I’m still lingering in Weed, CA and I can’t exactly remember how long I’ve been here now.

I found a place to park, a place to work, places to hike and a few places to just be. For a place not being on my radar, it seems to have worked out Bowie and I coming here.

We had a great hike around part of Siskiyou Lake. It was hot out today, but a four-mile hike did us both good. I felt exhausted in a way I haven’t for a long time; my body being challenged and used.

We returned from our hike to a local park in Weed we like a lot. I am confident in saying it’s my favorite park I have stumbled upon so far in this journey. The town is preparing for their July 4th Carnival and I’ve been watching the rides arrive all week as the park seems to be the center of it.

As we relax in the grass, I watch the carnival workers start unloading supplies and observe local families sitting on picnic tables watching the action too. I feel I’m an unnoticed observer. I wonder if anyone has picked up on our routine, this big van and all can stand out.

I’ll be gone when it all happens the carnival and all its buzz of activity,  but it’s somehow pleasant to know that things will continue without me. I wonder if the carnival workers feel the same when they leave a town?

It’s nice to be in a place longer than just a few days; to observe the going on’s of a community. I often feel lonely, but it makes the human interactions I do have that much sweeter. I feel more present in everything I do now.

Bowie seems to like this easy pace we are in, our routine, this place. I’m hesitant to break out of this pattern and leave but within the same thought, I find myself longing for the change.


(Bowie Observing The Local Happenings) 

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