Stuff I’ve Been Doing…

A List Of Random Things I’ve Been Doing…It’s not very exciting. 


  • Yoga (YWA to be more specific)


  • Running (mostly street runs, trying to stay off trails as they are crowded)


  • Going on walks (sometimes even with Darwin)


  • Watching movies and documentaries (yes, I’ve watched Tiger King)


  • Coloring in my “My Little Pony” Coloring Book (often while listening to Dr. Sleep)


  • Listening to audiobooks (currently listening to Dr. Sleep by Stephen King)


  • Reading a physical book (currently reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara)


  • Coming to terms with how dark my current reading material is while writing this list…


  • Trying to support local businesses when I need something or maybe not exactly need but want (like another good book…)


  • Looking over old photos and some small pieces of footage with Darwin from our 2015 Appalachian Trail Hike


  • Working on a 1,000-piece puzzle (I realize now why I don’t like puzzles but also realizing how addicting they are…I gotta finish it!)


  • Reorganizing/Cleaning anything I can find


  • Constantly washing my hands


  • Constantly wanting to touch my face


  • Trying to stay out of Darwin’s videos since he’s filming inside these days


  • Calling or Facetiming with friends (having some type of human interaction is a  must)


  • Regularly trying to Facetime with my dog Bowie who lives in Indiana (she’s not much of a talker so these attempts usually end up being a conversation between my Mom and me)


What have you been up too? Leave a comment below and let me know!


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12 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Been Doing…

  1. That’s a fairly extensive list. #3… lol.

    Running (outdoors) is awesome. Did my last run for the month, yesterday, which I try to do each day in between shifts in the ER. Just over 7 miles in an hour. For North Dallas, it was fairly cool (55) and the sky is so much bluer now. Benefits of not having so many cars on the road and planes in the sky. Glad my son and I finished our hiking trip to Big Bend NP before this all blew up.

    It is definitely an interesting time. We’ve told the kids this will be something they tell their kids about. Stay safe!

  2. Love this! You are actually doing a lot. Need to check out the book you’re reading. We are watching Tiger King now (one episode a night). I need to do a blog post like this! Too much to list here. Love that you get to do walks with your hubby. ❤️

  3. You are staying pretty busy. I’ve been running more. Taking my kids on more walks (we live in the country) and watching lab rats with them..

  4. You have been staying pretty busy. I’ve been running more. Taking my kids for more walks (we live in the country) and teaching them to enjoy nature. Watching lab rats with them.

  5. It’s a Disney show and the kids in the show have bionic powers and help save people.

  6. Tryna stay out of the ay of my partner who lost their job while I have keep going with my normal 9 to 5… much harder than anticipated

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