Sounds and Sights of Spring

4/14/14 – Indiana

After a dreary, long, and emotionally draining winter, April has arrived and so with it the sights of Spring.

It happened suddenly it seems, even after waiting so long. I just noticed a few days ago while walking to work the grass was green. Overnight a veil had seemingly been pulled off the brown and sleeping blades of grass.

The next week the trees were tinged with green like a fairy and touched each branch tip with a green paintbrush. The buds on flowers also started to appear, preparing to bloom.

Even during a recent run, I felt the returned embrace of the cool spring air, no longer the harsh stinging wind of the winter.

And finally this morning the sounds of Spring flooded through our bedroom window. I awoke to the soft rhythmic pattering of rain and the chips of birds. I can feel it electrify my body awakening it from its dormancy of winter.


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