Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir – REVIEW


Full Title & Author:

Your Blue Is Not My Blue: A Missing Person Memoir

Written By: Aspen Matis

How I Came Across This Book:

I previously had read the author’s first book Girl in the Woods concerning trauma she experienced that ultimately lead her to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). I actually reviewed that book (see the review here) on the Snuggle Diaries and so felt after reading Matis’ next book I would also review it.

First Thoughts:

What really drew me into this was the summary of the book, that Matis’ husband whom she met on the PCT disappears. After the author fully reveals her rape and further trauma in her first book, I couldn’t imagine how she could go through much more. Her second book reveals that yes, she did experience much more during the actual writing of Girl in the Woods and she often traveled and to various places in order to hide or simply escape from reality.


Matis has a flowery type of writing style which can be a little overwhelming as the reader can get lost in the details of an event that doesn’t exactly push the story forward. That style continues in this book, however, it did not prevent me from reading Your Blue Is Not My Blue in its entirety. As with her first book, Matis is very honest which may not exactly reflect well on her. From an outside perspective, this book can be very hard to read as both her and her husband (together and separately) make what can be judged as immature and selfish decisions. The reader may find themselves wanting to scream at Matis for doing something however, this also can speak to her quality of writing that makes the reader feel so much.

Beyond her writing style, I found the contents of this book to speak volumes for what hikers and travelers can often be found guilty of, escape. The author both alone and with her husband travel within the states and abroad to escape their reality. They leave or completely ignore responsibilities in the name of adventure while completely writing off their families for months at a time touting, “they are not understood”.

The aspect of this book that I found relatable and the reason primarily for the review, is the fact that no matter where the author travels, her problems await her when the adventure inevitably comes to an end. I have often heard hikers or travelers stating they were in a place in their life where they felt lost, misunderstood, and sought a long-distance trail or another adventure for clarity. Matis does this same thing however both she and her husband seem to seek the “ignorance is bliss” aspect never actually seeking clarity in their family lives, marriage, or personal growth. This book overall shows how these actions only hurt supportive friends and family and eventually destroy relationships.


Anyone interested in this book should be aware that Girl in the Woods should be read first to have a better understanding of the author and the foundation or lack thereof, of her and her husband’s relationship. The “Missing Person Memoir” of the book not only refers to her husband but also to the author herself as she acknowledges that she has been a “missing person” in the lives of her immediate family. Matis does eventually come full circle in this book but it takes harsh reality and a stream of bad decisions that are often very gringe worthy, for her to get there.

Although hard to read at times due to the flowery descriptions of life and the immature actions of the author, I felt like this book speaks to those who chose to runway from their problems using travel as their escape. Your Blue Is Not My Blue is more about relationships than hiking or travel, although these things do take place, they are more like “a drug of choice” being used to avoid bigger issues. Overall, this book will not be liked by all and it’s not my favorite, but I think it’s very brave of the author to reveal once again a time in her life that wasn’t that pretty.



Your Blue Is Not My Blue will be officially released on June 1st (as of the date of this review) but is currently available for preorder. It was chosen as one of eight monthly Amazon First Reads and is currently being offered as a Kindle version for free for all Amazon Prime Members. 


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  2. I am currently reading this book, internally debating if I will finish it, and whether or not it is worth my time to continue. In my opinion, your review gives a very balanced and considerate view of the book – pointing out what someone may view as worthwhile in the book, offering some positive points that I had not considered, and also what might not be liked or appreciated. I still may not finish the book, but of all the reviews I have read, I have appreciated yours the most – so thank you.

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