A Solo Goal Up Mt. Elden

A solo goal, a mountain to explore, a view from down below no more.

I set out early, all is silent, the city still sleeps.

The trailhead is empty as I start the journey up a trail I’ve never seen before.

Poles at the ready, my breath is heavy as I follow the rocky path.

The sun is blinding as it rises, lighting up the world around me, trickling in through the trees.

I stop for a break and see a snake, or wait! that’s just a road below me.

I marvel at the world from above them, a city of ants and toy cars.

As things get steeper I know I’m reaching the top. The Aspen’s applaud my arrival.

And then I’m there, to take in the views atop Elden.

The sun beats down and it’s time to go, returning back down the path.

I pass more people, on the way but I’ve already caught what they seek.

The views alone met my goal of a solo hike up Elden. The mountain I’ve passed so many times from below.



(A View Of Flagstaff From The Top Of Mt. Elden) 


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