The Snuggle Diaries

Hello I’m Snuggles, Darwin’s wife! Welcome to my little piece of this website. The below links will wisk you away to some of my personal outdoor adventures, thoughts, and reviews. A new post will show up every Wednesday! Read On!

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Lost In Waves Of Sand

The Blue Ridge Parkway By Foot – Review

An Interesting Place…

Mini Misadventures

The Season of Reflection and Gratitude

Hiker Trash Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Blue Ridge Parkway Tour Part II

Blue Ridge Parkway Tour Part I

Between Two Worlds

Riding The Climb

Challenging The Comfort Zone

Backpacking Gear and Those Who Use It

Hometown Changes

Engineering Eden: REVIEW

Bowie, Adventure Companion

The Last Visit To Joshua Tree

Cruising Into Idyllwild

A Blur Of Activity …

The Most Treacherous Road To Darwin

The Things That Remain

Updates & Other Musings

The Heart Of An Experience, People

Audio Touring A National Park

A Traveling Fear Comes True: Part II

A Traveling Fear Comes True: Part I

In Defense Of Bowie: A Leashed Dog

Even More Hikers I Have Known…

The Long Walk – Review

Getting Grumpy at Kennedy Meadows

Determined To Get To Lake Isabella

Van Life: This Is My Day

Wild Animals I Have Known – Review

A Few More Hikers I Have Known

The Last Season – Review

A Few Hikers I Have Known

And So It Begins…

Traveling Alongside the PCT…

Desert-ey Things I Have Discovered and Pondered This Week…

Girl In The Woods – REVIEW

A Blooming Desert

Departure Into The Unknown…

Like Any Animal, I Am Aging

 Mountain Crossings & Southbounders

The Hidden Life of Trees – REVIEW

Going Home Part III: What I Discovered In Virginia

Going Home Part II: Travel Time, Tramily and Trail Towns

Going Home

2017 POSTS:

Papaw’s Path

The Desert Wind

Camping With Kids

There Is No Wrong Way To Experience A Trail

Negligence In A National Forest

Painted Blazes: Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Loner – Review

Random Thoughts and Happenings While Living in a National Forest…

Goodbye Albuquerque!

Crying In The Woods

The Stallion Gets Broken Into

Things I Learned The First Week Living In A Camper…

The Stranger In The Woods – Review

The Trees They Are a-Swayin

Friends From Home

The Lost Vacation

The Long-Shadowed Forest – Review

Flashback to Kansas: August 4, 2015

Random Happenings: A Brief Blurb

Taking A Look At The Trees & Me

Trail Magic Off Trail

Hiker Stank Nostalgia & Lessons From A Hermit

A Friend and Mother Nature

A Week Closer To Adventure

Looking Back Into the Wild

Following The Boot Marks Of Those Before Us

A Seven Day Adventure and I Wasn’t There

Theo The Travel Trailer’s Innards

Personal Spring Cleaning

Bowie Poops and Bolted Floors

The Image of Me

Tarp, Tarp, Everywhere a Tarp

I Like to Ride My Bicycle, I Like to Ride My Bike

Theodore The Travel Trailer Redo

The Trail Less Traveled Led to a Travel Trailer

The Trail Of Life

The Dead-End Trail To The Couch

The Feral One…Grrr

A New Mountain, A New Year

2016 POSTS:

Holiday Hiking Extravaganza

A Trip To Hell

An Environmentally Un-Friendly Walk

The Long Way

Thank You National Parks!

You, Me, Bowie and the Trees

My Little Headlamp

The Unexpected Return Of The Beard

A New Adventure

2015 – 2016 Appalachian Trail  Journals:

Our Last Days In The Wilderness

Entering The 100 Miles

A Nice Drizzle

Crossing the Border

A Man Named Washington

Option C: I Hate Waterfalls

6/19/16 – The Power of Ice Cream and Kindness

Attacked By Birch…

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The Fog of Foreshadow

Harper’s Ferry

The Wavy One…

Hiking to Beer

The Return to Trail

 A ZipLine to Soda

The Lizard King

Random Musings Of A Zero Day

Kevin Bacon & The River

A typical day on the AT

The Twenty Question Hitch

3/27/15 Patrick Swayze and the Smokey Mountains

3/25/15 The NOC

3/13/15 Mountain Crossings Hostel