Film Maker. Long Distance Hiker. Adventure Cyclist. All Around Adventurer.

Currently living in the high mountains of Northern Arizona, Nic “Darwin” Rakestraw is a long-distance “Triple Crown” hiker, adventure cyclist, and outdoor filmmaker with an unending love for travel.

Originally from Southern Indiana, Nic & his wife Jessica decided to quit their jobs in 2014, sell 95% of the things they owned, & leave their home town for good in search of adventure, inspiration, & the true meaning of happiness. Since then, Nic has traveled the entire United States while living out of a van, hiked over 14,000 miles, and explored 11 different countries with camera in hand.

While completing the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2016, he started documenting his various hiking adventures and filming gear reviews to share with others via a YouTube Channel. Aside from logging over 14K accumulative miles of Long-Distance Hiking (AT, PCT, CDT, etc…) and Adventure Cycling in the last 7 years, he has expanded his creativity as a storyteller to Film Making, Photography, Writing, Podcasting, and anything to help inspire others to get outside their comfort zone and experience the natural world around us.  

He owns and operates two companies, Outdoor Evolution Media and Evolved Supply Co., helping him further branch out into the outdoor industry. He has also filmed, directed, and produced multiple documentary films, along with a lengthy career producing videos on his personal YouTube Channel, Darwinonthetrail, with a 300K+ strong audience. 

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