At the end of 2014 my wife Snuggles & I decided to quit our jobs, sell 95% of the things we own, & leave our home town for good in search of adventure, culture, & the true meaning of happiness. We bought a van, traveled all over the country & hiked the entire Appalachian Trail (2189.2 miles). We are still seeking adventure in new places, meeting new people, trying new food & drink, & discovering all that we can. This website will serve as a portal & main hub for our past, present, & future expeditions.

-Darwin Onthetrail

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  1. So glad I found your YouTube channel. I have learned A TON!! Thank you for all the information and advise you give! I am just getting into UL hiking and you have helped me a lot! I live in East Tennesse (near Gatlinburg) and the AT is basically in my back yard. I have (based on your recommendations) finally accumulated the right amount of gear and will be hitting the trails very soon! Thanks again for all the advise and I look forward to following your videos! I envy you two! Enjoy life!


  2. So glad a came across your YouTube channel.My wife and I learning so much about hiking.We are planning a hike of the Florida Trail “FT” really soon.We are going to use alot of the info we have learned from your channel.


  3. Greetings from South Bend, IN. Your YouTube channel is the best, hours of great information and I am grateful to have found it. At 63 I will be doing my first overnight trip on Salamonie Lake’s “Bloodroot Trail” near Andrews Indiana. Your videos and website have been a great motivator and knowledge resource.
    Thanks to you and Snuggles


  4. Goals,
    Two years and 70 pounds ago I began a journey to get healthy and stave off diabetes. I was a 50 year old woman with little motivation.
    For our 30th anniversary this past August, we were walking on a mountainside in Colorado, my husband stopped me and reminded me “two years ago you couldn’t do this” with that simple affirmation a new goal was born! We saw many hikers that week and I was intrigued. After a ride by Cog Rail to Pikes Peak I declared, next year we Hike to the top! Learning growing and following You and Snuggles from the flat lands of Iowa we plan to “embrace the suck” and enjoy this adventure!
    Thank you!


  5. I’m thinking of getting lone peak 3.5 trail runners, I’m not sure on getting the low or mid shoes. Do you know of any pros and cons of either? I previously had Merrill ventilators mid shoes.


  6. Great to hear you mention your heading to the east coast. If you find your way thru Pennsylvania don’t miss all the amazing frozen waterfalls especially Glen onoko falls or Ricketts glen. Keep the awesome videos coming and cheers to a good 2018.


  7. Hi guys! I’m a Freshman in high school, and I’ve set out to thru hike the AT in 2022 and eventually earn my triple crown along with my best friend. I just wanted to thank you for the inspiration to do this. My best friend and I can’t thank you both enough for all the tips and tricks you guys have put out for hiking. It’s been very helpful this past year. So thank you both!

    Happy Trails!


  8. Yo Darwin & Snuggles! Loving your content on both Youtube & Instagram, Keep it up! About to start my annual hike of the West Highland Way over here in Scotland (You should come check it out!), and watching your content helped me to close in on gear that will drop the weight of my pack!

    Have an awesome time on the PCT this year!


  9. Hello Darwin and Snuggles! I am preparing for just a short AT section hike in Virginia next month (May) and have really enjoyed your YouTube videos and your wealth of knowledge.
    This may seem like and odd question but here goes . . . your gear lists do not include long pant so I wonder if you are always hiking in shorts? Maybe you just wear the thermals on the list under the shorts? Can you please clarify for me? Thanks


  10. Darwin and Snuggles,

    You guys rock! Thanks so much for providing the very well made videos and expert commentary that have really inspired me to get up and go hiking. As I start collecting my gear, I did want to ask about a procedure; do you boil your water before filtering? I know that Darwin is on PCT but let me know when you can.

    Hike ON!!

    Jason (in Georgia)


  11. My wife an I are fellow Hoosiers that decided after a trip to Southern KY one fall, to up and move to KY. The waterfalls and trails here are amazing. Being able to pick up and go hike every weekend has been amazing. We plan on section hiking the AT starting next year. I just recently found your YouTube videos of your pct hike. Love your channel. Can’t wait for another pct video.


  12. Hey there ~ just enjoyed today’s youtube post of your PCT journey. Keep up the good work! Awesome and contemplative video. On your way to Canada check out mountaineers.org if you layover near Seattle. Thanks for the gear list video. Except for the shoes, good stuff! June 7, 2018 ~ Liz


  13. Hey Darwin! Lovin your videos. Do you have any pics and/or more info on the 5×8 trailer you mentioned staying in? (I love camping AND the tiny house concept). Thanks bro! – Mike.


    • Hey Mike! We actually just sold the cargo trailer. We never did a tour of it like the van and I think the only few pictures of it are on Darwin’s Instagram. We currently live full time out of our cargo van…well I do, Darwin’s in his tent! – Snuggles


  14. I’ve been inspired to prep for an Appalachian Trail thru-hike targeting an early retirement. Thanks for all the info! I do have a question that I think you are in a unique position to answer compared to other hikers online.

    I plan to hike with my wife. So I was wondering what unique advice you’d give to couples hiking together? What equipment to share? Tents? Filtration? More than one pot? Unexpected benefits to leverage or pitfalls to avoid? Any different gear? Strategies?

    I’m not sure if you already covered this in a video I missed. Thanks again!


  15. Greeting from Okinawa, Japan! You guys are inspiring lots of people to live their lives on their own terms and be true to themselves. Great job and keep it up!

    One question I had that I’m not sure is covered in your videos (my wife and I are trying to get through all of them!) is the bad experiences with people that you meet on the trail. Do you have any stories? Were there any moments you felt unsafe around other hikers? Did you have a situation where someone was breaking the law like littering and you had to say something? Was there a time when someone wouldn’t leave you alone?

    Sorry if these are a bit negative questions, but as an introvert I freak out a bit! Thanks for any info and as always I look forward to seeing more of your content!



  16. I just discovered your YouTube channel a few weeks ago and really enjoy watching them. Thanks for all the valuable advice and entertaining videos. My wife and I have been hiking for about 3 years. We do short moderate hikes, nothing overnight, YET. One day I hope we will, right now we are building up our supplies. We just spent the week in Banff, Alberta, Canada- absolutely stunning. We did some hiking but not enough, but we have the desire to go back and do more, with better planning in advance. That is why I enjoy your videos, it helps me better prepare for our hikes. We learn something every hike we do. Thanks again, and hopefully we can meet on the trail.


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