Mugginess, stuffiness, clamminess, and damp…

Humidity, Humidity, your easy to forget when I’m away and when I’m back you always stay.

It’s warm outside and you wrap yourself around me like a blanket; I try to sweat you off.

You make me feel like I’m trapped in a greenhouse; plants and flowers thrive but my puny human form, only wilts under your weight.

You make my hair go flat and everything I touch feels sticky; those out West try to make you, while the Mid West only hates you.

Dankness, airless, wetness, and swelter…

Humidity, Humidity, please go away and hover over another town, some other day.



(Taking A Break On The AT back in 2016…This Day Was VERY Humid)


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3 thoughts on “Humidity…

  1. Hahaha, I remember those days in Indiana and later Ohio…..Now, here’s in the North Georgia Mountains we still have some of it but not as bad because of the daily mountain breezes. 🌞😃

    Great story and Pic!…..Rick Shepherd

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