07/30/2018 – Rattlesnake Lake

07/30/2018 – Washington State: Rattlesnake Lake

Bowie and I are both waiting. Waiting for Darwin. Waiting for him to call. Waiting for him to finish hiking. While we wait we try to enjoy our time together and explore. 

Today we went looking for a tunnel but we found a lake instead. While following directions I found online for the mystery tunnel, I came to a dead end with no tunnel. It was only when I was about to express to Bowie my frustrations that I noticed a family vacating their van with floaties in tow. Curious, Bowie and I followed down the same path as the family and was then introduced to Rattlesnake Lake. 

Neither of us having bathed in some time, we backtracked to the van to collect a few supplies as a cool body of water seemed just the ticket to boost our morale. We found a small section of beach cut off from the other families already enjoying the lake. The sun was shining but not too hot, the sky was blue, and the water was glittering beckoning us to enter. 

Quite and undisturbed, Bowie and I doggy-paddled out both of us submerging our entire bodies, cleansing our itchy fur and hair. We played in the water together for awhile simply enjoying the day. Later, sitting on the beach watching Bowie try out what could only be described as the dog version of snorkeling, I felt good and at ease. It seemed like the lake had the same effect on Bowie too.


(Water Bowie) 

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