In My Tent

As I settle down in my tent I feel so small and the world outside feels so big. With nothing but thin nylon and mesh between me and the outside, I recognize my human size.

Buildings with their walls give me a false sense of who I am; strong and large, a being at the top of the food chain. Sleeping in a tent changes those thoughts and challenges that sense of being. Outside those walls, there are bigger, stronger, and hungrier beings than myself.

Man-made walls are just that, man-made and so is the image that we as humans have won and conquered the world. The reality is that we are guests here and many things have been here longer. There is something about being in my tent that resets me and takes away my human arrogance.

I am just a guest here, sitting in my tent.


(Feeling Small Even Outside My Tent) 


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9 thoughts on “In My Tent

  1. I so enjoyed your comments this morning and know them well. In the middle of the night years ago, Backcountry Yosemite, my wife and I had a mountain lion visit in the middle of the night (found the prints the next morning) and we decided that the 1/64 of nylon between us and whatever was out there was very comforting indeed. Of course, it was a false sense of security and we knew that but at least we couldn’t see what was going to eat us!

  2. I love the outdoors and even sleep on my deck when I am home
    I find it interesting , speaking of conquerors they protect themselves from the outside by sleeping behind walls of stone and concrete and protect their stuff. I have spent many weeks and months carrying all the stuff I need in my pack.

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